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 I __________ from England

be       born       am        mad cow


Part 1
1 Hello, my name's Robert Carpenter. I am ________ computer programmer. 

one       -       a        an

2 Where are you from? 
– We _________ from Brno, in the Czech Republic. 

are       is       am        do

3 Jiri and Stepan are from my department. _______________ mechanical engineers.

They       They are       She        She are

4 Our company _________ famous for its high quality chemicals.

-       am       are       is

5  John is our sales manager. ________ often gives presentations.

You       She       He        We

6 I like ________ short presentations.

the       -       every        this

7 Who are ________ women over there?

those       that       this        these

8 _________ is your name?

Who       How       Which        What

9 This is Arkady Koshenko and his assistant, Natalya Markova – we need __________ help to set up a subsidiary in Saransk.

him       their       they        hers

10 Is this _________ briefcase?

your       yours       the yours        you

11 Do you smoke? 
– No, I ___________ .

smoke not       not       don't        not smoke

12 After work I often ___________ television.

look       see       look at        watch


Part 2
13 Lara is _______________________. 

a colleague of me        a my colleague
a colleague of mine        a colleague from me

14 Is this key _________? 

your       yours       the yours        you

15 ___________________ a cup of coffee? 

Want you         Do you like
Will you        Would you like

16 _____________ like travelling. 

Most of people       The most people
Most the people        Most people

17 What _________________? 

wants she       does she want
does she wants        she wants

18 _______________ help me? 

Can you to       Can you       Do you can        You can

19 Could I have _________ coffee? 

another       other       an other        one other

20 Why _________________? 

those men are shouting       are shouting those men
shout those men        are those men shouting

21 We are going _________ the plant this afternoon. 

at       -       in        to

22 Who ____________ this letter? 

writes       wrote       did wrote        is written

23 What time did you arrive _______ the airport? 

on       -       at        to

24 We'll meet here again _______ Wednesday morning. 

at       on       in        to


Part 3
25 ____________ a canteen near the workshop?

Is there       Is it      Gives it        Is

26 He is _____________ young to get the job.

too much       too many
very too        too

27 It's ____________ weather.

terribly       terrible       a terrible        the terrible

28 This is ____________ winter for 20 years.

the worst       worse       the most bad        the worse

29 They have a much bigger office building ___________ our company. 

like       than       as        that

30 He works in the same office __________ me.

that       like       as        than

31 It ____________ again.
It ___________ all the time here in the winter.

's raining  /  's raining
rains  /  rains
rains  /  's raining
's raining  /  rains

32 I ________ he _________ the new product.

am thinking/is liking
think/is liking
am thinking/likes

33 I didn't ________ that it was a big problem.

to think       think       thinking        thought

34 The two sales representatives phone ____________ every day.

itself       herself       each other        themselves

35 It's an old house and I ______________________ .

not want there live
want not there live
don't want to live there
will not to live there

36 There isn't __________ petrol in my car.

no       any       some        many


Part 4
37 We've got __________ money to spend on training this year.

much       many       a lot of        a lots of

38 It is ____________ to fill out export documentation ___________ .

important  /  carefully
importantly  /  carefully
importantly  /  careful
important  /  careful

39 You look ___________ a teacher! 

like       as       the same        the same like

40 How many agents ____________ in Asia? 

you have       do you got
do you have got        have you got

41 Good! I ___________ work next week.

mustn't       don't must       needn't        need not to

42 The Schlumberger company____________ us an engineer tomorrow.

is sending       sends       will to send        will sending

43 _________________ your boss last week? 

Have you seen       Did you see
Have you see        Saw you

44 We have a good contact in South America: 
we _______________ him __________ years.

have known  /  for
know  /  for
have known  /  since
know  /  since

45 I went to the conference _______________ a presentation.

for give       for to give       for giving        to give

46 I ________ another supplier if you __________the goods late again. 

find  /  deliver
'll find  /  'll deliver
find  /  'll deliver
'll find  /  deliver

47 It would be better if we _____________ another computer terminal in this office.

would have       had       have        would had

48 If I _____________ better English, I ________________ this test!

spoke  /  wouldn't be doing
would speak  /  wouldn't be doing
would speak  /  wouldn't do
speak  /  wouldn't do

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