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Our service

Our translation service is based on a close working relationship with our customers. We work with you throughout to ensure that:


  •   we fully understand the subject matter, including any processes or terminology that may be involved, and therefore
  •   we provide an 
      - accurate translation in the
      - most natural native English
  •   the translation addresses the reader appropriately, to
      - persuade
      - convince
      - sell
      - clarify
      … and carry out the intention of the original document with the same degree of eloquence.

We are there for you by telephone, e-mail, or post. And, when we visit Germany, we make a point of coming to see you to gain first-hand knowledge of your product or service.

Corporate Communication

Corporate communication is far too important to be merely a translation job. Many companies only prepare their communications for a readership of members of their own nationality – then they have this translated into English, regardless of how relevant or useful this is for an English-speaking readership.

This is why it is essential to get your communications perfect in your own language first. By ‘perfect’ we mean text that not only communicates the content of your message effectively but also in a style which includes its readership and is easy and pleasurable to read.

Only then can you choose which parts of your text should be translated into English and why, and which parts of your text have to be written additionally for an English-speaking readership. We see it as our mission to give you every help and encouragement in getting these communications right and effective for whoever reads them, preferably so that they get excited and inspired by your message.

By building on our long-term relationship with you
we are able to give BETTER QUALITY at BETTER PRICES

Subject Matter

Whatever your subject matter we can translate it into natural native English in the same layout as the original text. 




  •   Word
  •   Excel
  •   PowerPoint

No job too small!
If you want to get it right, we’re just an e-mail away!

David’s thoughts about the translation process

I translate into British English – and I am your man if you need a text that flows well, that convinces people or that sells something.

Unless otherwise required, I translate to appeal to the broadest possible readership. To this end I strive to make my texts easy and pleasurable to read – even if they have not always been written that way in the original.

My work is best if I can translate one day, and then sleep on it and review my work the next day. Then my translations are always accompanied with a covering email that highlights any ambiguities in the original text, any parts of the text that are weak or difficult to understand and any parts of the text that I did not understand at all (here, if it were my own customer, I would ring them up and ask them to explain what they meant in German).

Of course if a customer wants a translation quickly I can usually translate it so that the meaning is clear, but not always so that it flows beautifully, within a few hours.

David’s specialist areas

As far as my specialist subjects are concerned, I have chosen some of them myself – and some of them have chosen me! They are:

This includes consultancy assessment literature and questionnaires, human resources strategy programmes and documents, and various PowerPoint presentations and virtual classrooms.

This includes assessments and proposals, advertising (I particularly enjoy making advertising literature “sing” the same way in English as it does (or sometimes does not!) in German), strategy outlines, etc.

I spent my first pocket money on classical records and was a classical music freak throughout my teens. In the mid-eighties I did a lot of translating of the classical music blurb on CDs for Sony Classical, when they were located in Hamburg. Currently I do a lot of translating for smaller German CD labels.

Oil and Gas Industry
This is one that chose me! In my work as a teacher of English for business, I have spent a lot of time with people from the drilling and gas industries. I have often had to translate material about, among other things, underground gas storage facilities, gas treatment plants, the response of the gas industry to the new European directives concerning the opening up of the gas market, and various press releases.

Alternative Energies
Some client companies are diversifying into renewable power generation and I also regularly translate press releases for a company that is developing Fuel Cell Heating Units.

Once upon a time in the long distant past I trained to be a chef at the Savoy Hotel, London, then cooked in France for a year and in Germany for a year and a half (Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten in Hamburg) – before changing my career in 1981! So I am a complete and utter foodie! I am especially good at translating recipes so that they will taste the same – even though the ingredients that you can buy are different – in other countries. Nowadays, cooking is a great hobby of mine – and it’s much better that way than as a job!

Another thing I have enjoyed working on is radio or TV scripts. One of my first jobs was translating a children’s musical and more recently I wrote a radio play as part of an English course for PONS Verlag (Grosser Anfängerkurs – English at Work, 2000).

David’s other advantages

My other big advantage is that it is no problem for me to chat with my clients in German over the phone.

I have a bank account in Germany so it is easy and inexpensive to pay me by direct transfer in Euros.